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Sahara Vision Quest and Camel Caravan


"Trebbe and Sabina have granted me one of the rare and profound privileges of my life, my adventure into Mother Sahara."

Sansea Sparling
New Haven, VT

January 1-15, 2015
Sahara Desert—Southern Algeria
Sponsored by Foundation Iferouane,* Biel, Switzerland

NOTE: This trip, which we offered annually for many years, has had to be put on hold since 2012 because of the political unrest in North Africa. Contact us if you wish to join our next trip, scheduled for January 2015, and we will keep you updated about conditions in Algeria. We will not offer this trip if there is the slightest risk to participants.

Intrepid soul seekers have ventured into the desert for millennia to fast and pray for guidance. In a landscape where endless horizons invite the soul's expansion, and starkness of detail pares away distractions, we are more intimately connected to the essence of life and spirit. And the Sahara, more than any other desert on Earth, evokes images of wildness, purity, fierce beauty, and allurement.

For twelve years, we have been offering our Vision Quest and Camel Caravan so Westerners can become part of the tradition of desert soul-seekers as they journey with the nomadic Tuareg people in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. 

This is the trip that will change your life forever.


A vision quest is the ancient and universal practice of withdrawing from your community and retreating alone to the wilderness, where nature gives you wisdom, insight, and guidance about where you've been  in your life, where you are now, and where you need to go.

Our Sahara quest unfolds in three phases: SEVERANCE, SOLO and INTEGRATION:

The SEVERANCE phase begins as soon as you make the commitment to participate in the journey and continues as we venture into the Sahara. It is a very personal process that is enhanced by the experiences and stories of the whole group, and it consists of fine-tuning your intention for the journey, peeling away old patterns and negative voices that could get in the way of your full participation in the experience, and clarifying how you can step more fully into who you are and what you love.

The heart of the vision quest is your SOLO, held in a place that calls to you. For three days and nights, inner and outer landscapes merge. Abstaining from food, company, and distraction, you feed your spiritual hunger. Enacting your own ceremonies, you heal old wounds and initiate yourself onto a new path.

Finally, we focus on INTEGRATION—ways you can nurture the insights you received during the solo. You return home with tools and practices that help you integrate your new outlook and sense of purpose, so you can bring your self fully into the life you choose.



The Tuareg, also called "the free ones," are the indigenous nomadic people of the Sahara. The group we travel with is known throughout the Sahara as a very noble tribe. The Tuareg have a matriarchal culture, a rich nature-based religion, and a worldview that is philosophical, poetic, and accepting of diversity.

On our caravan, we follow the ancient rhythm that nomadic Tuareg have followed for many generations. We rise before first light, eat a simple breakfast, and begin walking with our camels as the sun rises in the sky. At midday we stop at an acacia tree or beside a rocky outcropping that provides shade, and after lunch we rest for a while before continuing on. In late afternoon we arrive at our evening camp, where we continue the deepening processes of the vision quest, have dinner, and then sit around the fire with the Tuareg, singing, telling stories, or just talking quietly among ourselves.

Midway in the journey, we will stop for a week at our base camp in a beautiful area where each quester will find the place that calls to you for your vision quest solo.
The proceeds of the Sahara Vision Quest and Camel Caravan go directly to help Tuareg families in need.
Guides: Sabina Wyss, Trebbe Johnson, Adem Mellakh, and Tuareg hosts
Cost: 4,444 Swiss Francs, (approximately $4,900), including all meals, camping fees, riding camel, land transportation in the desert, and air travel from a European city to Tamanrasset, Algeria
NOTE: The price may rise according to fluctuating currency rates.  A deposit of one-fifth of the total cost is required to hold your place.
For more information email: Trebbe Johnson or Sabina Wyss
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We look forward to setting out on the journey with you!
*The Sahara Camel Caravan and Vision Quest is sponsored by Foundation Iferouane, Biel, Switzerland. Trebbe Johnson is a guide contracted by
Iferouane to co-guide this quest. This is not a Vision Arrow journey.