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About Vision Arrow




Vision Arrow programs combine the wilderness exploration, the mythic quest, and the search for meaning. Founded in 1997 and centered in rural Thompson, Pennsylvania, we offer programs around the world, the Inyo Mountains of eastern California, the High Atlast Mountains of Morocco, Bali, and the Sahara Desert.

People who come to Vision Arrow are seekers. They’ve done a lot of inner work, but still they search for that missing Something that will make them feel fully alive and true to themselves and excited about making a difference to the world in a way that only they can do. Here’s what you will discover when you take a Vision Arrow program:

  • Within you is a force that calls you forth and another force that holds you back, and you make the choice many times a day to follow one or the other.
  • Your life is a great heroic journey. Everything that happens to you is part of the adventure.
  • Many different inner personalities and conflicting voices influence the decisions you make. All are worthy of respect and exploration. Coming to know them, you transform what you don’t need and nourish the self you long to be.
  • Paying attention to what fascinates you in nature, you gain insight about your true self.
  • The vision you seek is not one final answer that will solve all your problems, but a dynamic, authentic way of life you choose to live in every moment.
  • You are the only authority you need.