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Radical Joy for Hard Times

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Finding and Making Beauty in Wounded Places

Radical Joy for Hard Times is a worldwide community of people dedicated to healing the relationship between people and the wounded places they love Fire Islandthrough compassion, curiosity, and acts of beauty, so no part of the Earth is orphaned from the cycle of life. We support communities worldwide in recognizing that the places where they live and that they love continue to be a vital part of the Earth and of the human story, no matter what happens to them. Our signature event, the Earth Exchange, is a simple and meaningful event that entails

  • going to a wounded place with friends
  • sharing your stories about what the place has meant to you, both before and after it was damaged
  • getting to know the place as it is now
  • giving a gift back to the place in the form of a simple act of beauty, often a bird made of materials found on site

In June of each year we sponsor the Global Earth Exchange, when people go to wounded places around the world to make beauty. In 2015, hundreds of people in 23 countries worldwide and 25 U.S. states participated, bringing art and community to polluted rivers, cut forests, war zones, landfills, endangered animals, the ocean, fracking and mining sites, and many other places.

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