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World is a Waiting Lover
The World is a Waiting Lover:
Desire and the Quest for the Beloved

by Trebbe Johnson
Foreword by Thomas Moore

ISBN13/EAN 978-1577-31479-0
$14.95 (Canada Yes)
Trade Paper
256pp, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Personal Growth/Psychology
SELF-HELP / Personal Growth/General
Published by the New World Library

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"The World Is a Waitig Lover can be read as a grand adventure, a love story, or a guide book on attaining union with the divine. Whatever you call it, the book offers an unabashedly delicious and juicy experience."
- Toinette Lippe, Parabola

Through a profound personal encounter, Trebbe Johnson discovered that erotic longing is often linked to a greater, more soulful longing, and that following that longing, which she calls the Beloved, can lead to a more compassionate - and passionate - engagement with the world.   Steeped in Western and Eastern myth, romantic imagery, and Jungian psychology, Johnson uses her own story to examine the shared human experience and to help readers understand the underlying meaning and purpose behind their own life choices and mysterious allurements. Though a personal story, the book weaves a modern myth of its own, about the different guises (and occasional disguises) of the Beloved and the obstacles, mirages, enchantments, and treasures encountered on the search for its elusive embrace.   With warmth and wisdom, Johnson shows how to overcome those obstacles, embrace the Beloved, and find new meaning at work, in relationships, and in life.

" Like all good books, this one is seductive... It entices you to fall into your own personal mystery, to let your spirit take flesh and to let your ordinary life find its spiritual core... Trebbe Johnson's writing is personal and mythic, social and mystical, concrete and confessional. It is honest and relentless in the prusuit of the winged Eros that hovers behind every momentary attraction and persistent obsession.."

From the foreward by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul


“An unusual book about love with a capital L-the life force-and how to tap into it in order to engage with the world…. Intriguing.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Johnson has a lovely way with words, and has, in The World Is a Waiting Lover, harnessed her own ardor for the benefit of us all. With its blend of mythology, spiritual philosophy, and personal memoir, this is an enlightening addition to the literature of spiritual eroticism and self-growth.”
Body & Soul

“This hero’s journey... embodies the profound yearning of those searching for something bigger in their lives. This book maps the territory of finding and uniting with the One who loves and accepts the totality of being. Many will find it so compelling that they undertake the journey.”
ForeWord Magazine


“I LOVED your book. As I imagine many others may have said to you, I know this story. It is mine. I know this grief and this passion. What you have done is gracefully and articulately put into words something that has felt very private and embarrassing and wondrous. You have done it beautifully. I am so grateful to you.”

“I especially felt drawn to the concept of certain people in our lives being Escorts to the Beloved. There is a man in my life, a dear friend who has been that unwittingly, for me. On many levels, I had myself convinced that he was the Beloved and that he just didn't know it yet. In truth, he is a way-shower for me, someone who opened my heart for a deeper love than I ever knew I could experience. Thank you for the courage it took to dance into your truth.”

“I have read so much about projections, our anima, invisible soul...all the names we give our Beloved yet it never truly sunk in for me until your book came along. Your way with words and the way you share the beauty of the world, your woven tales of myth and true life meshed with your own journey worked a kind of magic on me I didn’t know I longed for.”

“Just finished the Escort to the Beloved chapter. I have cried for the first time since December 8, 2000—the night of the car accident that nearly took my life. I didn't cry then. I think I became an observer of my life. I can't begin to thank you for writing this book.”